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Sandblasting to Remove Rust

Vehicles can suffer from corrosion due to excessive exposure to the elements. Sandblasting can be done, however, to effectively remove rust from the surface of the vehicle. After this process, the vehicle will be ready to undergo a repainting job to give it a new look.

Rust forms as a result of oxidisation when metallic surfaces get exposed to moisture. Rust formation is not only unsightly, but it can damage the vehicle significantly if repair and maintenance is not undertaken. This can substantially diminish the value of the vehicle as a result. Rust continues to form and spread once the corrosion process has started. This is why it must be removed at the first instance.

What Sandblasting Can Do to Vehicles

Sandblasting involves the use of abrasive materials to remove imperfection on surfaces, such as in the case of a worn-down vehicle. These abrasive materials may be mineral abrasives such as silica sand or garnet, crushed nut shells, fruit kernels, metallic materials like steel grit, copper or aluminium shot.

The abrasive materials are blasted onto the metallic surface of the vehicle, using an air compressor. The forceful blasting of the abrasive materials can remove rust particles that are attached to the metallic surface. After sandblasting the vehicle’s surface, the surface turns smooth and free of rust, bumps and any other imperfections.

Preparation for Repainting

Sandblasting, when done the right way, is a highly effective way of removing rust on the vehicle. Sprayrite Qld has access to sandblasting facilities to prepare the vehicle before it goes to one of the company’s professional paint booths.

The sandblasting process is important for the spray painting job to be perfect. If the vehicle does not go through this preparation process, there could be bumps on the surface after the painting process.

Rust particles do not develop evenly on vehicle surfaces. Some areas may have more and some areas may have become a little deformed due to rust development. In sandblasting, the abrasive materials are blasted on the surface in an angled position to scrape off the rust from the surface.

After the sandblasting process, rust, along with dirt on the vehicle’s surface would be easy to wash off. What results is a smooth surface ready for a refinishing job. Sandblasting is perfect for any vehicle where rust is forming. It is particularly used in marine vehicles, which are highly exposed to corrosive salty water.

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