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Sprayrites Spray Booths are unique providing the resources for large vehicle refinishing.

These booths provide the latest technology in infra- red drying systems. Benefits of this technology allow a vehicle to be cured in a shorter period of time becoming more cost effective to the client. More recently a Porta-Lift chain hoist capable of lifting 7500 kgs has been installed, allowing for total under body access.

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Booth 1 - Coaches & Buses

Width - 5450mm... Height - 4550mm... Length - 16800mm

Booth 2 - Trucks, Cars, Parts

Width - 4830mm... Height - 3900mm... Length - 9600mm

Booth 3 - Preperation & Priming

Width - 5300mm... Height - 4250mm... Length - 16650mm

Porta Lift Chain Hoist

Lift Capability of 15000kg

These pressurised spray booths incorporate the 
Cata – Dyne Gas Infra Red drying system.

Features include:
• Uniform heat distribution
• More radiant power
• 33% decreased fuel usage.
• Economical to operate and highly efficient.

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